Veneering and Working with Veneers.

How Do I Start Woodworking?

If one is not fortunate enough to have been exposed to woodworking through your parents, and you develop an interest in the craft later on, the challenge is – how do I get started? It is a simple question, but there is no single, correct answer.

Recycling Your Woodworking

Recycling wood parts when woodworking helps to conserve natural resources. Use a wood dowel or hardwood dowel to create a bird perch, key holder, and more.

Lathe Techniques To Give Your Woodturning Project the Right Design Touch

The same as any craft, woodturning demands a strong foundation in the basics, knowing the wood properties, tools, techniques and most especially the right lathe techniques or considerations for your design. Improving this knowledge gives the woodturner the ability to express unique creativity in challenging ways, from the traditional to the modern style.

Five Questions You Need To Answer Before Selecting Bed Plans

Creating a bed is a time consuming and costly affair. You can reduce both by selecting proper bed plans that will help you build it with the least problems. But before you decide on the right set of plans, you must ask yourself five important questions.

Make Your Birdhouse Plans Safer For Birds

If you are looking to devise birdhouse plans keeping the safety of the inhabitant birds in mind, there are two things you must never forget. In this article, I tell you what these two things are and how they can affect the safety of your birds.

How To Pick The Best Woodworking Plans

There are many woodworking plans being promoted through different websites, magazines, etc. How do you pick the best from the lot? In this article, I give you a few useful tips that can help pick the best plans for your project.

4 Right Choices That Guarantee Great Woodworking Projects

Woodworking projects can be demanding and if you overlook the essentials then you might find yourself in an unpleasant but entirely avoidable situation. There are four crucial choices you need to make; get these right and you are on your way to building great woodworking projects.

Finished Intarsia Woodwork – How Much Can I Sell It For?

You’ve made a few attractive intarsia wooden art pieces, or some other woodworking masterpiece, and your friends and family are suitably impressed. Then they say, “These are great, you should sell them make some money”. Easier said than done, but this article will show you how to decide on a fair price for your work.

Woodworking Your Home Furnishings

There are many woodworking projects you can complete for your home. You can use a wood dowel or hardwood dowel for spindles and supports.

Traditional Woodwork Projects

Woodwork projects should not be taxing and boring, taking up most of your time only to be discarded after a short while. Even the traditional and common woodwork assignments can be transformed slightly to make them slightly more challenging, creative, usable and interesting. There are times that we consider projects which we begin but do not finish because the designs are either too complex to understand or too simple to be interesting.

Woodworking – Work From Home Doing What You Love

Ever been fascinated by the beauty of wood and the things that can be made from it. So many different variations, colors, textures.

Gifts For Woodturners: Things to Consider Before Buying That Present

Your spouse, relative, neighbor or friend is a woodturner, and you are thinking of getting him or her something related to that interest. Getting them a fancy chunk of wood (called a “blank”) or a new tool or kit seems like an obvious choice. But before buying that present, here are a few things to consider before getting gifts for woodturners.

Need Help With That First Woodworking Furniture Plan?

There has never been a better time to find furniture woodworking plans than now. Knowledge is a fingers reach away thanks to the internet. If you are like me and find it hard to get that first project off the ground without some assistance, you can be reassured as I will tell you what has helped me to finish many a project with ease.

Woodworking Hand Tools Are A Must When Working In Wood

If you want to complete your wood crafts easier, then you will need to invest in woodworking hand tools. Collecting the right set of tools first will help you to finish your work in a timely manner rather than having you scramble around to get a last minute tool you need. Be prepared if you want to succeed as a woodworker, including having the right tools ready.

Which Woodworking Software Is Best For You?

The woodworking software that you want will give you great instructions from your own computer. Look at the guide when you get stuck some place, and you will have the ability to complete every project that you set out to do. Woodworking should not become frustrating for you. You should enjoy yourself and having good software will help you do so.

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