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Woodworker Worries

The article is about the problems woodworkers may encounter when they work in their workshop and how to avoid these. There are also tips for beginners to help them.

Importance of Accurate Measuring in Carpentry

Many pieces of wood have been ruined by not measuring accurately or too hastily. Sometimes when making a frame for a painting I forget to add the width of the molding when calculating the length to saw and thus the piece is useless. This is extremely frustrating and causes much aggravation, especially if the molding is expensive and what is left is not enough to do it over.

Woodworking Technique – Preparing the Surface

One way to fix a dent in wood is to swell crushed wood fibers to their original shape. Turn a household iron to its highest setting and allow it to heat up. Meanwhile, soak a clean cloth in water, fold it over a few times and place it on the dent. Press the tip of the iron against the cloth over the dent, holding it in place until the cloth steams. The steam will swell the wood fibers, lifting out the dent. Add water to the cloth as necessary and avoid leaving the iron on the cloth for too long, which may scorch the wood.

Biscuit Joinery: 10 Tips That Will Make You Better at Biscuit Joinery

Although a relatively new woodworking technique, biscuit joinery is fast becoming one of the most popular wood joinery methods in the industry. Find out how to employ this technique better and how to achieve excellent results with stronger joints.

Biscuit Joinery: What It Is and How to Do It

Although a relatively new woodworking technique, biscuit joinery is fast becoming one of the most popular wood joinery methods in the industry. Find out why woodworkers love this technique how it produces excellent results in less time.

Boat Plans – What You Must Know Before Choosing One

Building your own boat can be cheaper than buying a manufactured boat. It can also be a great hobby for anyone who has some basic carpentry experience and enjoys working with their hands. The Internet is full of boat plans. Many companies sell boat plans for a small price.

How To Build A Tree House That Will Last For Years

Building a long lasting tree house is sometimes difficult to achieve. Learning how to build a tree house properly and with the right materials will pay off big time in the end because your finished product will be rock solid and high quality.

Choose Solid Oak Over Any Other Type Of Wood

Opting for solid oak over other types of wood for your furniture needs will pay off in the long run as it lasts a lifetime and can be passed onto future generations. Now that’s value for money!

What is an Edge Forming Router Bit?

There are many types of router bits and more than a handful of router bits that produce the beautiful filigreed edges you see on many fine furnishings and cabinets. The bits that so precisely do this work are commonly called edge forming bits. Discover exactly what edge forming router bits do and how some of the most common types can set you apart from the crowd.

Plans For Wood Furniture – 5 Tips On Finding High Quality Yet Affordable Wood Furniture Plans

Are you looking for high quality plans for wood furniture to help you build that perfect piece of wooden shelf or repair that worn out chair? This is a wise decision as using high quality plans can help to make this process much easier and rewarding.

Outdoor Furniture Plans – How To Find High Quality And Easy To Follow Plans

Woodworking, especially indulging in outdoor furniture plans is a fresh imminent hobby among households. Many of us do not fancy hiring carpenters for these home errands, not just for saving the excruciatingly sky-scraping expenses they charge but also for trying out our veiled desires of carpentry. Below we will discuss useful tips on how you can find high quality and easy to follow plans.

Loft Bed Plans – 5 Tips On How To Find The Best Plan For Loft Beds Your Child Will Love

It can be tricky to find the right loft bed plans, know what your child loves to have and ensure everything is within your budget. But, it is a fact that what your child has or has not during their childhood can contribute to really pleasant nostalgic moments as they grow up. Besides, which parent wouldn’t want to make their child happy? So, here are 5 useful tips that can make things easy for you.

How to Start a Woodworking Business Quickly

Most people dream of being able to quit their jobs and work at home. However, most people do not ever consider that woodworking might just be the means to that end. Although traditionally considered to be more of a hobby, woodworking at home can be a great way to generate income for your family.

Bladerunner Saw

The Rockwell Bladerunner is a unique and compact saw that combines some of the attributes of a jigsaw, band saw, table saw and scroll saw. The reciprocating blade makes it easy to cut almost any material and allows you to make a variety of cuts.

The Fascinating World of Woodworking

The entire craft of woodworking is an interesting phenomenon. There are various aspects to woodworking that make it a fascinating hobby or career. The most important factors that a craftsman needs to know about, are the types of woods that are used and that includes learning about the raw materials.

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