New Joint finally materializes. Mitered, Half Lap Finger Joint

Top Rated Wood Router That Works Magically

Product reviews go a long way in helping the customer to come to a conclusion about a particular product or a service. It is not only important but also essential to go through several product reviews before you embark on buying one.

Features That Make Your Future Secure: Ten Things You Must See in Wood Routers

It is features of a product that make it unique. Similarly, different features of a tool that make it truly versatile in its functioning make it highly essential in your tool kit. You must have known about the different features of a wood router.

Expert’s Advice to a Novice: What Makes the Best Wood Router?

Here is what experts in woodwork tell us about the best wood routers in the market. If you are a novice, a new entrant in the field, or woodwork enthusiast, the following advice is for you. Read on what is in store for you.

Basic Wood Turning – What Is It?

Wood turning remains a mystery to many people, even accomplished woodworkers in other categories. Still, at its most basic it is a combination of hand and machine woodworking as a machine spins wood and a crafts person uses hand tools to shape it. For people who love creative craft it is a door into adventure.

What Is The Best Drill Press For Woodworking?

Whether you want to drill hinge cup recesses, cut batches of wood plugs, hog out a mortise or countersink pilot holes a drill press can do all the work for you. A drill press is versatile and accurate and it’s a tool every woodworking workshop should have. Before purchasing a press drill to use for any of your projects there are factors that you need to consider first

Why Wooden Door Frames Are Better Than Others

Be it your office or home you may be constructing or renovating, the material used in every aspect of the building plays an important role in determining the appearance and suitability of the finished product. For instance, while choosing something as seemingly simple as a door frame, one can be faced with the tedious decision of choosing between numerous options available in this segment today.

How to Pick The Right Garden Shed

Gardening is one of the most frolicsome activities. To take it to next level of exhilaration, you require an eminent shed for your playful garden area. A quality shed can endow with perfect breathing space for tools and equipment essential for gardening. It can also look after the equipment from harsh climatic conditions.

How to Begin Wood Turning

Many people look at objects like bowls, vases or pens that have come from the wood lathe and wonder if and how they could get started in the craft. While the answer is simple, realizing that most wood turners are self taught, just do it, there are some avenues to consider that will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Selecting the Right Sandpaper for Woodworking Projects

Learn about all the different types of sandpaper, and what purpose they are most recommended for. When you know more about your abrasives, you can achieve enhanced woodworking results!

Handcrafted From Bali: 4 Types of Wood Commonly Used in Indonesian Furniture and Wood Art

A brief article looking at 4 commonly used types of wood in Bali, their strengths and weaknesses, and their applications.With Bali being recognized as the leading exporter of wood carvings, let’s see what materials they use in their wood art.

What Is Wood Turning?

Wood turning has become a very popular form of woodworking in the home shop in recent years. Still, for many people the craft and art of the wood turner remains a mystery. This is a relatively new occurrence in history. In past days almost every community had a wood turner in the same way that they had a blacksmith. Each was necessary to everyday life and each have largely been superseded by cheaply manufactured items of everyday use made of plastic as well as metal and wood.

Turning Bowls On a Lathe

Turning wooden bowls on a lathe is the dream of many woodworkers or for that matter, many crafts people. Still there remains a mystery in the minds of people as to how difficult it must be to go from a log to a bowl in the middle of a small home workshop. Crafts people called wood turners have been doing this for centuries and it can still be done today. In this case, the dream can come true.

Wood Turning Ideas

Where do wood turning ideas come from? All the world is round and as one walks around the woods and dales, ideas abound for those who look. What is needed is some thought as to how to look and how to think so as to find ideas that simmer until a design is cooked. A little experience from another turner can point the way to lots of ideas to make it to the wood lathe.

Beginner Woodturning Projects

Three huge tasks face the beginning woodturner. First is the difficulty in learning to use the new array of tools, most of which are unique to the craft. Second is learning to sharpen those tools, a process similar to and at the same time different from the sharpening of similar tools in the modern workshop. Third is knowing what to turn and why. A good sequence of beginner projects serves to answer all three questions well.

Woodturning: How to Use a Faceplate Safely

Faceplate turning is a particular delight for many woodturners and many beginning woodturners are captivated with making bowls and vases. In addition most lathes come with faceplates at the time of purchase. To encourage enjoyment in not only beginning turning but also in its long term pleasure, safety in the use of this simple tool should be learned easily, quickly and early in the wood turning experience.

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