(Day 57) Basic Carving Project a Leaf

Woodturning Tools – Chainsaws and Bowl Blanks

In order to turn a bowl a woodturner needs a bowl blank. While they can be purchased from many suppliers, if you have a chainsaw it is cheaper to cut your own and more sizes are available. It also gives the satisfaction of proceeding from the log and finishing with a completed bowl.

Basic Wood Carving – Carve a Dish

Basic carving is not as difficult as it may first appear, and the satisfaction of having created a thing of beauty awesome, The secret is to start with something simple, and like everything you do its hands on practice.

Woodworking 101 – Learn to Woodwork

I recently heard about a guy who left his stressful position at a major bank to become a carpenter. While dramatic, his move from derivatives to driver bits makes sense to me. The financial industry is unstable; he has a daughter who could use more daddy time… And well, from the sound of it, woodworking just simply makes him happy.

Buffet Woodworking Plans – The Secrets to Finding Good Buffet Woodworking Plans Online

Have you been scouring the Internet for a good set of buffet woodworking plans? Going through plan after plan after plan, only to find that each one is either very vague or incomplete in some way? I feel your pain, I had the same problem when I was searching for a good set of drawings.

Woodworking Furniture Plans – Amazingly Simple Secret to Find the Best Woodworking Furniture Plans

Have you been looking online for woodworking furniture plans? I know, it can be difficult to find full, detailed drawings of good furniture plans. It actually took me about two weeks until I found a site that had exactly what I was looking for. Once you have read this entire article, your search will be over.

Oland Tools – Make Them and Use Them For Woodturning Pleasure

Woodturners are compulsive tool buyers for the most part and tool suppliers are more than ready to cater to the impulse as evidenced by the vast arrays of tools in the catalogues. Some years ago, the late Knud Oland, a fine woodturner in his own right, developed a tool with the understanding that most turners would be able to make the tool for very little cost in the home shop. You can easily learn to make and use this versatile tool.

4 Things to Keep Woodturning Projects Safe

Woodturning is safer than most style of woodworking but all work with power tools has its safety concerns. At all times, safety in the wood shop is the responsibility of the woodworker and standing at the wood lathe is no exception. Here are 4 things that can make the woodturning experience safer and therefore more enjoyable.

Different Types of Wood Used in Woodworking

Many different types of wood are used in woodworking, from common softwoods to rare and exotic hardwoods. When you’re selecting wood for your woodworking project, think about your budget and what you want to accomplish.

Easy Woodworking Ideas For Newbie Woodworkers

One error a lot of woodworking newbies make is taking on projects that are too big and detailed for their level of skill. Often, this kind of project ends up with major errors and appears poorly created. Even some so-called easy woodworking ideas may not be so easy if they are too big or require many tools. A good way for a newcomer to gain skill is to start with a small project and build from there. After a time, as you gain experience, you can increase the complexity of the project. Until that happens, your best bet is sticking with basic projects.

Woodturning – Going Green From Start to Finish

Woodturning is on the cutting edge of the green movement and is one of the hobbies most likely to stay there. Among woodworkers of all kinds, woodturners find it easiest to be a strong part of the ecologically friendly movement.

Woodturning – How Green Can it Be?

Woodturning has become a popular hobby at a time when we question how everything affects our ecology. The question arises as to the impact of woodturning on our environment. In other words, is woodturning a green activity?

Woodturning – Keeping it Safe

Woodturning is one of the safest methods of woodworking in these days of power tools. However, there are always dangers when working with power tools and a few simple rules keep things safer and more enjoyable.

Woodturning – Sanding Has to Be Done, Efficiency Counts

Woodturners like to turn wood, look at wood and talk about wood, but very few like to sand wood. Yet it is a compulsory part of preparing a piece for a finish and has to be done. Therefore it is best done well and quickly.

Woodturning – Understanding Sandpaper

Woodturners use sandpaper to bring the surface of a turned piece into shaper for final finishing. In some cases a very fine sandpaper may be used to complete the finish itself, particularly if a lacquer finish has been applied. It helps to understand what sandpaper is in order to use it well.

Woodworking Instructions – Wood Conditioners

Wood conditioner is one of the steps of finishing your project that is least understood by people who do woodworking at home. When to use it, what is it, and how does it work? These are all commonly asked questions that I’m going to answer for you.

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