(Day 56) Whatever Happens! First time in 56 days lost for a project!

Woodturning an Open Segment Vase

Below are detailed instructions of how to measure, glue and turn a vase with two rows of open segments as an accent. The preparation of segment ring with closed segmented turning requires very accurate measurements and gluing precision. With Open Segment turning, however, the same amount of accuracy is not required. The Open Segment gluing jig designed and produced by Sue Harker eliminates the need for complicated mathematics. All you require is one of the Open Segment jigs Available online from Sue Harkers Website. (Visit her online store for tools and accessories.), the piece of timber you wish to clad and a pair of callipers.

Wood Carving Supplies

Wood carving can be a fun and rewarding craft for advanced and novice artists alike. There is nothing like the feeling of turning a hunk of material into something meaningful that you can display in your own home, give as a gift, or even sell for a profit. However, in addition to the skills needed for this craft, one must also have the right wood carving supplies.

Woodturning Project – Is a Potato Masher in Your Future?

Woodturning requires some skills to be acquired and later mastered in order for lots of enjoyment at the wood lathe. Making an old style potato masher is a great way to learn many of those skills.

Sharpening Woodturning Tools – Freehand Or Jig?

Woodturners are divided over sharpening as to whether it should be done freehand or with a jig. Some thoughts are presented on both sides of the argument. Which ever side is decided upon, sharp tools are a must.

Sharpening Woodturning Tools – Brace Yourself For a Good Edge

The essence of woodturning finds the woodworker in front of a wood lathe with tool in hand, removing shavings of wood with various tools to leave a pile of shavings on the floor and a round, decorated item on the lathe. The nature of the wood and the speed of the lathe determine that tools must be sharpened often. While this is difficult for the new turner, a few tips are a great help.

Woodworking With the Wood Lathe – A Change of Pace

Wood lathes can change the way that traditional woodworkers approach the work in the shop. Woodworking basics allow for an easy transition to the lathe while opening up new opportunities. There is also a more relaxed feel to woodworking on the lathe as compared to other power tools, allowing for even more stress relief in the wood shop.

Woodworking With the Lathe

Traditional woodworkers are challenged by the wood lathe. Woodturning presents a new approach to woodworking that can be grasped by the traditional woodworker easily and open a door of opportunity to explore wood in a whole new way.

Beginners Woodworking Plans – Start With a Good Set of Beginners Woodworking Plans

There are a lot of people that are interested in beginning woodworking. Other than finding the time to get started, many may be intimidated about starting such a seemingly complicated hobby. This is where beginners woodworking plans come in. These type of drawings are generally a bit more basic than advanced wood project drawings may be.

Woodworking Instructions – How to Build a Simple Straight Cut Jig

Improve your woodworking at home with these woodworking instructions on how to build this simple jig. The most common cut is a straight cut. The straight cut jig is the one we will be working with today, and with this jig every straight cut will be exactly where you intend for it to be.

Woodworking For Beginners – 5 Biggest Mistakes in Finishing a Project

This is a woodworking for beginners finishing primer (no pun intended). The finish is what everyone sees first and it is commonly the step that gets the least amount of care.

Woodworking With the Wood Lathe – Learning to Relax

Woodturning is a dramatic change for most woodworkers as they move from flat work such as desks and tables to the round world of the wood lathe. One of the things that is needed to be learned in the transition is the relative safety of the wood lathe as opposed to most other woodworking power tools. With tool in hand, the new woodturner now needs to learn to relax in the wood shop and let the shavings flow from the tool with a gentle swish.

Woodturning Tools – What to Look For

Beginning woodturners have a difficult time deciding what tools are needed to begin the woodturning journey. While the catalogues from tool suppliers tend to have an overwhelming selection, only a few general tools are necessary to begin work at the wood lathe and for many wood turners the selection will not vary over their lifetime. Here we take a look and the basic tools needed by the vast majority of wood turning woodworkers.

Woodturning Tools – Learn to Use Them With a Project

Woodturning is a new venture for many woodworkers and requires and new skill set with new tools. The practise needed to acquire those new skills can be boring in its repetition or it can be interesting indeed. All it requires is to select beginner woodturning projects that use basic tools to accomplish the task while at the same time developing required skills in an interesting fashion.

Woodturning – The Magic of Three

Prospective woodturners looking at most turned wood objects can be overwhelmed at the seeming complexity of the forms. Yet, like many things in life, the complex can be reduced to a few simple things is taken in small doses. The law of three makes the complex notions of woodturning simple and makes the wood lathe accessible to most any woodworker.

Woodturning – Getting Started With the Right Tools

Most wood lathes are sold as just the lathe itself and it is still necessary to purchase the tools for making whatever projects are in mind. The choice of tools in the catalogues can be overwhelming but really only a few are needed to get one started at woodturning. Here the basics are introduced to aid the first time buyer.

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