(Day 51) Big Chopping Board.

Woodworking Workshop Safety Tips

This means putting your tools away, when the workday is done. All of your tools! Designate storage areas for every tool you own, every box of screws, and every other item in your workshop. Wrap up power cords, stack lumber neatly, or stow it away in a crate or bin. Give the floor a quick sweep every day – you may be surprised at all the items that happen to fall to the floor. This is the most common way for hand tools to “mysteriously disappear”.

Methods For Advanced Fine Woodworkers

The joinery methods listed below, are some of the most challenging types in fine woodworking, and are not suited for the beginner. These advanced joinery methods include: Mortise And Tenon Joints, Dovetail Joinery , Dowel Joinery, “Biscuit” Joinery.

Introduction To Woodworking

Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has carved objects from fallen trees; from the simplest and most utilitarian items to elaborate works of art. The earliest forms of the transportation were created from wooden elements such as the boat, the wheel, and the carriage were all conceived and created from wood. And throughout history, hundreds of other important items that we still use today were built from wood.

Lathe Art, What It Is, and How To Create a Lathe Art of Your Own

Did you ever see those paintings made from wood strips that used to hang in restaurants? I liked them so much, that I had to try to make some. You can too, with these instructions.

Fun Woodworking Ideas For The Beginner

What’s great about woodworking is that there are so many woodworking ideas you can try. It’s fun, challenging and rewarding. Below are some ideas you can try yourself!

The Weekend Woodworker’s Top Hand Tools

Woodworking can be an enjoyable and rewarding hobby or profession. When setting up a woodworking area, it’s important to stock the right tools and follow some practical safety rules to make the most of your woodworking projects.

Hobby Scroll Sawing – Wonderful, Rewarding, Easy Woodworking Hobby

Did you know scroll sawing is a wonderful, rewarding and easy woodworking hobby to get you started in creative woodworking. You can create jewelry, ornaments, toys and artistic wooden pieces. When you do start scroll sawing, you will quickly gain experience and want to try all the various aspects of woodworking related to the scroll saw.

Lathe Art – How To Start Doing Lathe Art By Creating A Picture With Wood Strips

It was easy to see that it would not be hard to continue, and create my own unique piece. All that was needed was a flat background to glue the wood strips to, and of coarse the wooden strips of wood. I then drew a very simple picture to begin with on the plywood. The lady thinks that the piece is beautiful. It now hangs in our living room. Now I ask myself why I ever waited so long to try it.

Intarsia Woodworking – Creating Pictures From Wood Pieces

Intarsia woodworking requires assorted woods of different colors, the use of these colors, grain structure and direction make beautiful decorative pictures from wood. Do you like working with your hands? Do you like wood, especially different kinds of wood? Are you interested in creating unusual wood art? If the answers are yes then this wood intarsia art form just may be for you.

A Basic List of Hand Tools Needed For Kids to Get Started in Woodworking

You can buy the tools that you don’t already have as you get to them in the book or you can go ahead and buy them all at once. In the article below I give suggestions as to sizes and styles that can help children get the most out of their use.

The Hobby of Woodworking

Woodworking is the art or expertise of creating things out of wood. It is depicted in many earliest Egyptian drawings. It is now a broad designation covering a wide array of skills and techniques. And it is a craft that has evolved over centuries

The Bench Makes The Woodworker

The woodworking bench is perhaps the most important tool a fine woodworker can have. As an essential fixture in any workshop it is very important to choose a quality bench.

Woodworking Made Easier With 3D CAD

I remember trying to build my first wood project, using an old hand drawn plan and trying to figure out exactly how I was going to make this thing. The plan itself was ok, not great but ok. Some of the views were hard to follow, some of the details difficult to read. I took my time and would have to admit the project turned out great, I even impressed my self. I still have that entertainment center in my basement.

Woodturning Techniques – Center Savers Make Multiple Bowls From One Blank

Like most people, I enjoy saving money whenever possible. Years ago, I routinely wasted away the center area on bowls during turning. This article will discuss how you can stop wasting wood in your studio by using a bowl center saver to remove a solid core from the center of your bowls. This saved center core can then be remounted on your lathe and turned into additional bowls. You can easily save one bowl for every inch of thickness in your bowl blank. This means you can get four bowls out of a four inch thick bowl blank, instead of one if hollowed in the traditional way.

Woodturning Tips – Micro Turning Tools Create Fine Detail With Ease

Micro tools by their very nature are small in size, which allows you to get into tight areas with ease and execute certain tasks that would be difficult, if not impossible with larger tools. The micro bevels on these tools take a very light cut, allowing you to achieve glass-smooth surfaces right off the gouge. Having the ability to get such a smooth surface off the gouge is invaluable, because your crisp detail remains intact and requires little, if any sanding prior to finishing. In this article you will learn why micro turning tools are an indispensable part of any woodturners tool inventory.

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