(Day 49) Spraying Blender Bench and Turning Rolling Pin.

Woodturning Techniques – Preventing Grain Tear Out

One of the more difficult challenges new and intermediate wood turners face is how to deal with torn grain areas on their projects while turning. Sometimes, even with the sharpest tools and the best techniques, you torn grain can develop. In this article you will learn how to prevent torn grain if possible and how to effectively deal with it if all else fails.

Oil Finishes – Buffing Tips For Woodturnings

Buffing your finish after it has fully cured is one of the most important things you can do to improve the visual and tactile quality of your woodturnings. This critical last step in the finishing process can dramatically improve the look, feel and perception of your project. In this article you will learn how to set up a simple lathe mounted buffing station and how to properly buff cured oil finishes on your woodturnings.

Dry Grinder Wheels – Essential Maintenance Tips For Woodturners

Let’s face it – Woodturners love to turn wood, not stand in front of the grinder sharpening tools. However, to enjoy our true passion, we must learn to master each aspect of the sharpening process. One important area that is often overlooked by woodturners is grinder wheel maintenance. In this article you will learn how to maintain your grinder wheels for optimal performance.

Woodworking Using Hand Tools

Woodworking using hand tools may be completely new to you if you are a modern day woodworker. Most people avoid hand tools at all costs. They think that they are outdated, less accurate and slower than the modern day machines. This simply is not true in most cases. This article will provide you with some facts about using hand tools in your every day wood working projects.

Refinishing: How To Bring Your Woodwork Back To Life

What is woodworking? It is the art of creating fashionable and exquisite furniture. It can be associated with joinery, cabinet-making, carpentry or anything else related to wood. Woodworking requires instruments to mark measure and create the good fashionably and to know the tactics to refinish it.

The Ins And Outs Of Evaluating A Woodwork

Woodwork antiques are beautiful pieces of art. However, with modern technology it is easy to fool someone into thinking cheap synthetics as classic woodworks. To avoid buying such modern versions of vintages, if you are interested in buying one, then you must know the process of evaluating woodwork.

Woodworking And Tools Go Hand In Hand!

One thing that trips up people just starting in the woodworking hobby is woodworking and tools. Beginners never know what they need. Some people go overboard and buy everything in site while others make do with what they have around the house.

Dealing With Woodworking Contractors – How Not To Get Ripped Off

Always be alert and know how much you are going to spend even if your ‘reliable’ contractor has already given you a detailed estimation of the woodwork cost. Study the charges and do homework before relying completely on him.

Why You Want A Router Table In Your Woodworking Shop

Having a router table in your woodworking shop adds a new dimension. Your skills will become noticably better if you decide to add one. Learn all the advantages to owning one.

The Woodturner’s Edge: Sharp Tools Give Greater Enjoyment

The most frustrating part of woodturning is trying to turn wood with dull tools. Here are some hints and tips to getting tools sharp and keeping them that way for your turning pleasure.

Woodturning Design: Where Can the Turners of Today Find a Voice of Their Own?

Woodturners follow in a long line of craftsmen and artisans. Is it possible to achieve one’s own “voice” in articstic excellence in wood, or is everything merely a copy of what went on before? The author gives ideas for design development.

Woodturning Magic – From Firewood to Fabulous

Firewood escapes the flames and ashes to become a thing of beauty. To the turner, trashwood is buried treasure waiting to be opened to an appreciative audience.

Make Money in Woodworking

Want to make a profit in woodworking? I was working at the post office with a degree behind me. I wanted a career where I would be responsible for making most of my decisions by myself. My dad had built boats, houses and many other large projects involving wood.

The Art and Craft of Wood Carving

There are so many things to do at an agricultural fair. Not only do you have the requisite bumper car and Ferris wheel rides, as well as the French fry and fried dough stands, but you have the exhibits. Just walking and observing the enormity of the livestock, the passivity of the sheep, and the finely shaped fruits and vegetables make for an enjoyable afternoon of farm and country living. But there’s something else that has become commonplace at these kinds of fairs, an attraction that consistently draws crowds of people who stare with wonder, admiration and whiffs of envy: wood carving.

Preparing the Lumber for Your Woodworking Project

Spending a little time preparing your lumber and your tools before you start your next wood project will make your work easier and your project better.

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